• Client: Google
  • Date: March 2013
  • Responsiblities: Prototyping, Architecture, Web Development
  • Technology: HTML5, Animated SVG, D3.js, JSON

Redefining ROI for Mobile

In 2012 Google, launched a suite of new features designed to drive virtual users into real businesses. The now-familiar search extensions that let you call, get directions, or go to a brand’s website right from a google search result were so new at the time not even Google sure how to calculate their worth. So we built an interactive site to help them, and their prospective customers quantify it.

Working in partnership with the Google Search & Ads teams, we built an interactive site that allowed businesses to upload analytics, answer a few simple questions, and instantly get a report quantifying how much money they were leaving on the table by not buying mobile-friendly search extensions.

The resulting site was a huge hit, converting enough new business to the fledgling product that the AdWords team eventually incorporated our work directly into the AdWords analytics product.

full value of mobile website
full value of mobile website
full value of mobile website interface