• Client: Harley-Davidson
  • Date: January 2019
  • Responsiblities: creative direction, experience design, run of show
  • Technology: Magic Leap, Lumin SDK, Unity, OpenSprints, Elbow Grease

63 days to design and build a product launch experience for the world’s largest consumer trade show.

In 2019 H-D was ready to unveil their latest creation. The fastest, most eco-friendly, and quietest bike they’ve ever made.
Not exactly features the iconic 115-year-old brand is known for.

So we took the brand somewhere they’ve never been, introduced them to an entirely new audience, and watched people enjoy the thrill of riding the latest and greatest Harley.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime creative opportunity, albeit one that came with its own set of limitations and constraints. We had to build an experience that would steal an unfair share of attention at the world's largest consumer trade show, without stealing attention from the bike itself. We had very limited space on the showroom floor, and essentially no access to the single working prototype bike in existence. And we had 63 calendar days to design, build, test and deliver.

What emerged was a Magic Leap-based mixed-reality experience that enabled riders to feel the precise speed and acceleration of the first ever all-electric Harley-Davidson.

Participants were able to sit on the Livewire motorcycle and get a feel for the dimensions, trim, and engineering that H-D is known for. Once they were ready to ride all they had to do was fire it up and punch the throttle. In an instant, the bike spun to life and our augmented world surrounded them with 3-dimensional eye candy. Using sensors to capture real-time acceleration and speed data allowed even the most novice riders to feel the true 0-60 speed and seamlessly control the entire experience from the H-D throttle and brakes.

Ultimately, the experience was such a success at CES, we worked with our tremendous production partners at Red Paper Heart to build multiple versions that will tour sponsored events worldwide throughout 2019 and beyond.

  • The results:

  • - 49,000 CES booth visitors

  • - 25 million Social impressions

  • - 36,000 New social followers

  • - 32% Increase in website traffic

  • - Named "Best of CES" by Fox News, Electrek, Esquire, Reuters, and Digital Times


Photo Credit: All images and video on this page are courtesy of our tremendously creative and collaborative production partner Red Paper Heart.

Harley-Davidson CES Livewire Experience
Harley-Davidson CES Livewire Experience
Harley-Davidson CES Livewire Experience