Resume Summary

One of my most unique abilities is taking things apart, learning how they work, and devising new ways of leveraging components to unlock value. I have found that solutions are often limited only by our own creative ability and I enjoy working with cross-dimensional teams to collaboratively solve the most difficult problems. I’m a passionate technologist, an astute observer, and excellent communicator constantly working to define and expand on what is possible.

Personal Info

  • Name Costa Boudouvas
  • Education Northeastern University '09
  • Degree B.S. in Computer and Information Science
  • Employment Associate Creative Director at Mullen Lowe USA

Technical Skills

  • UX Design: wireframing, prototyping, etc
  • Front-end Dev: HTML, PHP, JS, etc
  • Back-end Dev: C# .NET, Ruby, PHP, SQL, etc
  • CMS Implementation: EE, Sitecore, OpenText, etc.
  • Communication: writing, diagramming, etc
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